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Physiological relaxation for horses

"Abu Forta" Horse breeding

Ever since I have been using the Allégeoir, my horses are less stressed during their preparation, are more willing to be equipped of a bit, recover faster following an exercise, they demonstrate more easiness to get into my truck for transportation… I highly recommend the Allégeoir for every sport

IFCE (French Institute for Horse and Horseriding)

The Allégeoir is an intra-oral system of relaxation, it is easy to use and easily accepted by horses. No wounds or signs of inflammation have been found as healers have noticed that horses were calmer in the stable while no behavioral disorders were reported.

By relieving horses from discomfort entailed by teeth pressures, Allégeoir operates on the local level in a significative way as it creates tongue movements that riders seek for and decreases temporomandibular joint tensions. (T.J.T)


By Dr Patrick CHENE

When Claude Balaresque came to explain what the Allégeoir® is, its use and its functioning at the osteopathy meetings of this year, it immediately seemed to me that, it would also be interesting to experiment the Allégeoir® on a horse with serious problems of plumbness and pace, should it be proven useful to the workhorse by physiologically modifying its muscle tone towards better positioning and improved flexibility.

Patrick Leccolinet had explained to us, with accuracy, that "to grind" the horse teeth would indeed modify the tensions of the back to the point where sometimes the necessity of an osteopathic operation would disappear and that this "mere" action could restore the horse suppleness and eliminate dysfunctions.

Through its action, the Allégeoir® must have a similar effect, and must allow to go further than what a session of osteopathy would do and must allow to have a complementary effect through a slightly different action

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