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Physiological relaxation for horses

Impact of the Allégeoir on the recovery of the endurance horse

By Benjamin Bonnamic, C. and A. Balaresque

Comparing these two tests together will show the ability of the Allégeoir to impact the existing variation between recovery times, depending on whether it is placed in the mouth during or after the training phase and will point out the period during which it is preferable to use it as well.

The comparison of these two tests with those obtained without the Allégeoir® will show whether there are significant differences between the different parameters and whether it is relevant to train the mare with the Allégeoir® or not...

Mouth and rectitude


"Misunderstandings not to be taken lightly to obtain connection"



A "straight" horse is what every professional rider aspires to . Straightness allows symmetry of movements left and right, enhances regularity of gaits, increases the horse’s attention and connection. Scientifically speaking, a horse’s straightness is directly related to a well balanced posture determined by the good health of the various equilibrium sensors, namely the inner ear, hoof support, the bipupillary line and dental occlusion .

With dental occlusion resulting from the clenching of the teeth, the force with which it is accomplished is the action of the masticatory muscles guided by the temporo-mandibular joints (TMJ), a genetically programmed ensemble. Consequently, the straightness of a horse, its movements and its connection depend to a large extent on the balance of its manducatory apparatus, its dentition and its mouth in a broader sense.

This article will treat with the role of occlusal sensors of the horse’s mouth in determining the straightness of the mounted horse. Its goal: finding a physiological solution for the horse, veterinarian and / or osteopath, the equine dentist and the rider.



Silences Equestres

From the Romanticism point of view, the artist is to seek for a mean to paint, dance, sing and live his own feelings.

In the Equestrian Symbolism School, the thoughts of man are shaped by the movements of a horse; such a thing would be impossible without a “horse silence”, this silence being an astonishing symbol of hospitality.

The confessions provided by this book are the building blocks of such a path to find such a treasure as well as to discover the story of the Allégeoir!

A peerless gift to your horse.

Price : 38€ (all taxes included)

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