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Physiological relaxation for horses

A novelty for your horse's mouth

A custom-made relaxation system

The Allégeoir is comparable to a custom-made mouth guard which covers the upper incisors. It is easy to use and easily accepted by horses.

 Whether you ride with or without a bit, however tight your noseband and other harnessing, the Allégeoir may be used before, during and/or after a daily 20 minute ride.

Thanks to the buccal relaxation it provides, jaw related problems encountered by horses are neutralized, with local osteopathic disorders (mouth and neck) disappearing.

                The Allégeoir:

  • facilitates learning

  • calms the horse (during training, in his stall, during transportation...)

  • hinders abnormal teeth clenching

  • encourages availability of the horse

  • sets the proper physical and mental conditions for work

  • allows straightness of the horse without the rider's intervention

  • allows for a faster recovery

  • decreases temporomandibular joint (TMJ) tensions

Are sportsmen not taught to relax their jaw for a better preparation in order to enhance their performances and their recovery time?

 Whatever your equestrian discipline, dressage, jumping, endurance, eventing… your horse deserves the benefits of the Allégeoir. 

Price : Consult us

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