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Physiological relaxation for horses

Claude Balaresque

Driven by passion, he has found the perfect balance between taking care of his family and loving horses wholeheartedly. 


After 50 years of practice, observing and caring for his horses, he has developped his own philosophy "Equestrian Symbolism": His philosophy teamed with his capacity as a dental surgeon gave rise to the Allégeoir.

Defining himself as a man of horses, his unique approach of horse riding is based upon an everlasting quest for mutual consents and complicity.
“To allow and not to compel, to influence and not to take”, so is the very backbone of this quest.

His commitment to horse well-being, to the duo between man and horse, made him write his book “Silences Equestres” and led him to conceive the Allégeoir system.

Alexandre Balaresque

Claude’s son, cradled by the sound of hoofbeats , Alexandre is a young, passionate and dynamic man, fond of the horse's nature and awed by his father’s commitment towards their well-being.

He has decided to establish a family business, revolving around horses’ well-being. Thanks to his commercial background, he brings forward a sharp vision and a steadfast expertise for the better of this son-father partnership.

They have earned the “Hippolia label” for the Allegeoir project, a seal of approval from the horse sector. These two men work hand in hand to make you discover the Allégeoir and lead a lifetime quest for the betterment of the horse-rider duo.

Shape your “new duo” with the help of the Allégeoir. Let’s write a new equine story and let’s define the FUTURE together.

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